Friday, July 9, 2010

Working on a Friday?

That is right I am working on a Friday. Not sure until when, we normally leave early on Fridays in the summer even when we do work! Which is good because I have a bunch of chores and errands that need to be done this afternoon.

Last night dinner was a favorite of Hubby and I. Kielbasa on the grill!

This was not last night's plate but you get the idea. We replaced the peas with baked beans, but it was still great and I love the Lite Kielbasa, so juicy on the grill.

After dinner I did the Lower Body 10 lb Slimdown before had to stop with a horrible headache. It did not last long once I got a little caffeine in the form of Coke Zero Vanilla.

Breakfast this morning was a little rushed because hubby and I slept in, but I grabbed some instant oatmeal and added some cottage cheese.

I am loving cottage cheese after my trial the other day! Although it does not look great this breakfast hit the spot. I made a little coffee at work and was all set.

So I am on this new eBook kick. Did you know that both Barnes and Noble and Borders offer free e-readers for your smartphone? I am downloading some books now for our vacation in August. What is your current or all time favorite book?

Off to have some lunch (nothing exciting just some random leftover) and then hopefully leaving early to hit up the Wegmans!

Have a great weekend!

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