Friday, July 9, 2010

To post or not to post

So I have been going back and forth the past few days with if I wanted to post about this, but something inside me tells me I should in case there is someone else reading that has/is experiencing the same thing. That being said for those I know outside the "blogworld" although I am talking about this on here, I am really not ready to talk about it in person. In fact there are few people in my everyday life that are actually aware of all that had happened this week, so please feel free to talk to be on here about it offer advice but please do not bring it up to me in person yet. Thanks for understanding in advance.

That being said, here goes, Hubby and I went off BCP back in April in hopes of growing our family. So we (the royal we I know its just me) starting charting body temperature and all that. I even found this great site to track it. The site was helpful but my chart was not showing anything (and "Aunt Flow" was not coming to visit). After about 6 weeks I started to feel really funny and still no "Aunt Flow." So since I was prepared in advance, I decided it was time for a test. Negative it was, as would be the next few taken at 2 week intervals when "Aunt Flow" had still not arrived. From my chart I was not sure I had ovulated but thought after 2 months I should have right?

Well from watching one of my favorite shows guilty pleasures, Real Housewives of NJ, I heard that Rose Quartz is suppose to help with fertility. So with that I decided to make myself a rose quartz bracelet. (The crafty side of me needed a project too). Off to Jo-Ann's I went and made my bracelet. 

Not a great picture, I will try to post a better one this weekend. So about mid-June I started wearing this every day, I figured what could it hurt. I stopped worry about it for a few weeks knowing that my annual OBGYN visit was the first week in July.

Tuesday I headed to the Doctor's office first thing in the morning. I told her what had been going on and for some reason started to cry (I am not a crier but for some reason, the tears just started). She assured me that there is nothing to worry about (yet) but put me on Provera and ordered a blood test ASAP (hence the Starbucks on Wednesday). So that is where I am right now, taking Provera which from what I gather is a high level of hormones meant to get my system started back up and moving in the right direction.  Hopefully that and the blood test will do the trick! Fingers crossed by at the same time I am prepared for this to be a longer and harder journey then I first anticipated.

So that is where I am, I did not decide to share this for sympathy or anything like that, I think writing about it has just allowed me to really wrap my head around what is going on. Any advice or experience with Provera would be great! Other than that thanks for the ability to share without feeling pressured to talk about it any more then I want.....


  1. youre brave for sharing this. ive never heard of provera, and truly am sorry that youre having to go through all this. i wish I could offer something, but im here is you need someone!

  2. I'm so sorry this is taking so much longer then expected for you. I have no experience with provera. My first daughter It took 9 months to conceive and my second daughter it took 5 months. It just all of a sudden happened one day.

    How long were you on birth control for? I'm thinking maybe your cycle needs to get back on track from the bc hormones. I was on bc for about 7 years before I went off to try and conceive Alissa.

    Try and relax( I know easier said then done). Hopefully all your bloodwork will come back normal and you will be getting a positve pregnancy test in no time :)