Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thank yous and dinners

Hubby asked me to take a picture of dinner last night because it thought the veggies we added made the Asian Hamburger Helper look "blog worthy".

This was actually really tasty. Light on the veggies but that is always an easy fix!

After workout time Hubby and I sampled some of our "thank yous" for watching my aunt and uncle's house while they are away. (One good thing about living around the corner from family is there is always someone to ask a favor from). They brought us some beach treats!

Boardwalk Fudge and Caramel Popcorn (If you are a Philly/Jersey person you understand how important these items are to a complete summer!) We each had a small piece. Mine was the Rocky Road second from the left. Yummy.......

Breakfast this morning was more of my new love of cottage cheese, blueberries, pineapple, and a homemade caramel latte.

The latte was easy thanks to my Tassimo Single Serve Coffee machine. I took a Skinny Cappuccino disc and added some Sugar Free Caramel syrup to it. The latte was actually really good and covered my craving for a Starbucks for much cheaper and lower in calories!

For lunch today I grabbed the extra salad we ordered at work yesterday.

Grilled chicken, artichoke hearts, onions, tomatoes, and plenty of lettuce. The croutons got take off, but other that that is was a nice filling lunch.

We are headed out to dinner tonight to meet up with some new friends at Red Zone Sports Bar. It's a new place for us, I am thinking of getting the veggie sandwich, but only if it comes with fries of the sweet potato variety! Hopefully I will get some pics to post tomorrow!

Have a great Tuesday!

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