Friday, October 22, 2010

What a weekend/week

It was a busy weekend that gave way to an even busier week. I have lots of posts that I want to do but for now will just give you a couple little things! After our long weekend puppy enjoyed some Sunday football time (we do like RedZone)!


Monday at work I had the opportunity to do a great service project with Project H.O.M.E.. in the city and really how can I knock something that Bon Jovi supports? Here is the fence we painted (and I am proud to say none got on me!)

This sucker was huge but it looked really good when we finished!

One last thing for the week and sorry for the people that don’t have Dunkin Donuts near them, check out the super cute bag I got at Dunkin Donuts when I picked up some stuff for a breakfast meeting:

This would be such a cute trick or treat bag….maybe one day…..

Hope you had a great week, any fun weekend plans?


  1. jealous of the DD bag. we dont have one in a 100 miles radius. lame.

  2. mmmmm, you made me want some munchkins.