Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nothing exciting

That sums up my week, but that being said, after last weekend, I was ok with it being a calm week. Hubby and I have started planning what we are buying and creating for Christmas gifts this year. Yes I know that it is October, but we always done shopping by Thanksgiving! There is no last minute rush in our house. So what is on everyone’s list this year? I always have a hard time coming up with things I want.  Hubby and I might ask for a Digital SLR for a present this year, we are told we will want one in the future (fingers crossed). Suggestions welcome.

We are working a college fair tonight for the undergrad so I am not sure what dinner will be, but I will leave you with a pic of my yummy lunch salad. (I blame Sarah for my cottage cheese dressing!)

Black beans, carrots, red onion, lettuce and cottage cheese, simple and filling. I loved it.

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  1. I agree on the digital Slr for the future! Kids never sit still and its nice to have a camera that takes the pic right away instead of waiting for the shutter. I'm crossing my fingers for an ipod touch! I have an ipod nano, but would really like the touch.

    Have a great weekend :)