Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkins and Sales

My 2 favorite things in Fall are pumpkins and sales (ok so I love sales anytime of year Wink). Well this Monday morning I had a coupon for a free Dunkin Donuts Coffee. Well I love free stuff and decided that with the new pumpkin coffee I needed to stop by! After a great, but long weekend, I needed it!

So what did I think of this new little Fall treasure. First impression the smell was great, very fall like with hits of cinnamon and spice. The taste was also great. Sweet but not too sweet, I actually got it “black” and I am so glad I did, this is not a low cal drink but it was good and I did enjoy it. I would say it is a nice great and not too bad.

While I was there and since it is fall, I got some donuts as well. (We did need breakfast Tuesday Love Struck)

So good!

Some shopping on the way home got us restocked for the week lettuce and cucumber for $2.75!

Check out how huge that bag of lettuce is??? Lots of salad this week for me! Then to my favorite store, Target! I love when they have sales and coupons online to use on sale items.

Archer Farm chips on sale and with a coupon, sheets on sale this week for $16, lunch meat sale and coupon and same with the Target cheeses! I just love a good sale (with an added coupon!)

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  1. that bag of lettuce is a serious steal. im sure that would go to waste in my house.

    ive seen similar sheets like that at walmart and always mean to buy it.