Friday, November 12, 2010

The best Chinese ever!

Yes I know that is bold statement but this place was amazing and the food was so fresh. Hubby is still talking about it days later. We have been transformed and will be eating our Chinese takeout from Elena Wu from now on. This is actually a place that mom found and wanted to take Hubby and I because she knows we love our Chinese. So off to Elena Wu we went this past weekend. They had this signature appetizer that I had read about, so when the very nice waiter suggested it as well, mom and I split it.

This is the pan seared Eggplant with Shrimp mousse. I was not sure about the shrimp mousse, but this was nice and light and the mousse was really just pureed shrimp. The shrimp and the seared eggplant made the perfect combination for a great start to the meal.

For my entree I ordered the Pineapple chicken with brown rice. I was kinda feeling Sweet and Sour chicken but went with the pineapple, and was so happy when it came out, because my chicken had the sweet and sour sauce on it!

It might not look it but this was actually very light, and the chicken was all pieces of real white meat. It had the best sweet and sour flavor with the touch of pineapple, I could have eaten the whole plate, but I stopped when I was comfortable. (This was big for me I was proud of myself, but I did take the rest home for dinner one night when Hubby was out!)

I also tried a scallop from Mom’s Chicken and Scallops in Black pepper sauce.

Also amazingly fresh ingredients and nice light sauce.

Since I did not eat all my dinner, Mom was able to convince me to share dessert, and I am glad she did! They had a special for the night of a white chocolate shell filled with pumpkin gelato. Well we know I love pumpkin and gelato is my favorite dessert so we had to try it.

It was perfect for sharing and just perfect in general. It was so light but had this amazingly fall flavor combination, it was everything I love about pumpkin items. So glad I saved room.

And so did Hubby….

This was his Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake which was actually super light (I tried a bite).

We could not have asked for better food and the service was amazing, this is a great place for wonderful food.

Elena Wu you have won our hearts, we will be back soon!

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