Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is the weekend over already?

We had a great weekend visiting with the in-laws in CT but boy was I tired when I got back. I will say I do love go to see them, I get to catch up on my reading using the elliptical in the basement and love just getting to relax. So hubby and I got home on Sunday afternoon and decided that we did not want to cook and ordered some ChineseOpen-mouthed Sometimes not cooking is just to appealing to me. I tried to keep it healthy and just got the veggie delight with rice.

I do love some Chinese veggies (and some wonton soup that I had on the side)! That and the game made for a great Sunday afternoon.


Since Fall was official for me on Friday, I decided that this week I could bring out the pumpkin.  Breakfast on Monday was some Fage Greek Yogurt, pumpkin, almonds, and 1/4 of a Granny Smith.


This was so nice and I would say filling but yesterday was a long day and the PB M&M’s just looked too good…

Today has been better, the oats with pumpkin held me over much better (sorry no pic). Also this Larabar helped out too.

This was my first Larabar, and although it was small I will say the flavor was great and I LOVE that is all 100% real ingredients.

This afternoon I stopped to grab some fruits and veggies at the produce store on the way home and got all the following for $7.25

3 lbs of carrots, 3 huge heads of romaine, 3 lbs of apples, 4 pears, and a cucumber! It was a good trip. Time to do some reading while I wait for hubby to get homeSmile Where is your favorite place to get produce?

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