Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Flavors

I love the fall flavors, especially pumpkin and apple! So I bring you Fall Flavor Oats:

1/3 cup oats (your favorite kind)

1/4 ish cup pumpkin (i just scope some in)

1/4 Granny Smith Apple

Spoonful of PB

This was a great bowl of oats and I love mixing up the fall flavors. It also keep me coming until almost 1 today.

After work it was time to hit up Whole Foods, for a few items. I totally forgot it was Hummus Wednesdays until my mom reminded me, so hummus was added to the list!

2 boxes of Kashi cereal (I decided not to get the GO Leans, because the Whole Grain seemed better) with WF and Kashi coupons, Whole Foods Roasted Red pepper and Black bean hummus on sale, 3 Larabars (cheaper then at Wegmans) with WF and printable coupons, and Bath Salt samples all for $8.44Open-mouthed How crazy is that! I love using coupons and sales together!

What is your favorite sales to find?

Also if you love shopping and saving, check out the fun CSN Giveaway that one of my blog friends is having:)

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