Friday, September 24, 2010

Boxed Meals made Healthy

Boxed meals that are found at the grocery store are not always healthy, but they are so easy! Hubby likes Hamburger Helper but even thought I am not a huge fan, I get them on sale and add to them. Last night we had Cheesy Italian Shells.


Of course you can not just have that. I used 90% lean beef, light soymilk, and added frozen mixed vegetables, some carrot, and frozen tomatoes. It same out very tasty and also very filling.

Last night I did some thing big for me (and most likely not a big deal for anyone else) I actually got rid of extra food that was not enough to save. I am not normally the type that likes to waste food, but sometimes there is just not enough to save! For me the big news is that I did not just eat it so it was not wasted. I am very proud of myself for this. Anyone else feel bad throwing away food?

Hubby and I are headed to visit the his parents for the weekend (and I hear the pool is still open!) so I will leave with a fun Fall pictures now that my house is decorated inside about out for the season!

I love pumpkins on the front porch (they stay up until Thanksgiving! I also love the mums in the planter box! Fall is so wonderful.

Hope you have a fun weekend plannedSmile

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