Monday, November 1, 2010

Martha Stewart for Halloween

A few months ago I saw something in a magazine I knew I needed to try (and forgive me for now but I forget which magazine it was in- I get a bunchI dont know) A CANDY CORN WREATH! It worked out that I was in need of a Halloween wreath, because the pumpkin I hang by the door just was not cutting it anymore, and I knew this wreath would be perfect (especially when candy corn went on sale for $1). A few weeks ago I got my wreath at the fabric store and painted it with black paint (the magazine said to use black tape but I liked this idea better).

So here I was all ready to go. Basically you just hot glue the candy corn onto the wreath. I did one row along the top for spacing then glued those and just grabbed corn and went for the rest of it. You place the corn in a tip to bottom pattern then switch the direction as you add each layer going out.

When I was finished I added some black ribbon and here is my wreath!

This was so simple and I really love it! So now that you know what I did on Halloween, how about you?

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  1. martha stewart for sure ;)

    we just stayed home and watched the new series the walking dead on amc. ian has this thing for zombies. if he's flipping channels and sees any zombie movie on he will watch it no matter how many times he's seen it before.