Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New workout shirts

Remember last week when I told you we went Christmas shopping at the outlets? Well they had an Under-Armour Outlet and since my uncle loves there stuff we went in. While I was walking around I saw these workout tops with a built in bra that said they are great for all types of workouts. I always wear a sports bra when I workout, but I always think it is annoying to have a sweaty shirt AND sports bra. That just adds to the laundry pile. So why not I thought I will try one (ok we got 2 but one is for Christmas), how bad can it be. I tried this top with my workout on Friday afternoon and it did not disappoint.

I got the Solid Tank. This shirt was great, it kept me from getting really sweaty and also kept the girls in place. It does not feel too tight, but tight enough. I can see myself getting more of these (besides the one I know is coming!)

On another workout note, I am thinking about taking up running now. I have never really been a big running fan (I HATED training days when I played high school sports), but for some reason think that it would be fun to start now. I am looking for any advice, I know there are a ton of you out there with info to share!


  1. i see you're taking my approach to lessening the laundry pile ;)

    for running take it easy. dont be foolish like me and automatically go balls-to-walls in the beginning unless youre super fast already then disregard my advice because im super slow. treadmill vs outside running - outside running wins. treadmill is highly inacurate when it comes to speed and distance shown on the monitor.

  2. I have never been a runner, but always think it would be fun to be! I would say don't try too much too soon...I always do, and then I hurt my poor knees. :)