Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Costco Love

I have to admit that I have a serious love for Costco. I mean with all the deals and free sample they have, I can not help myself. So over the weekend I took my Costco coupons (love that they send these!) and went shopping. Now I did spend over $100 which is a lot for me, but the items that I got where amazing deals and will last us forever! (I think the planner side of me that likes to have stuff values Costco too!)

Here is my haul (thanks Hubby and our friend who carried it all in):

Some things are not in the picture because hubby took them downstairs right away, but here is what I got.

Canned mushrooms (we through this in a lot of dinners)

Jamaican Beef Patties


Food Should Taste Good Multigran Chips (love these and the huge bag for $6.29!)

Fage Total Yogurt 35 oz container for $5.79 (I have joined the club and will be just getting the plain and adding to it from now on)

Reynolds aluminum foil

Frontline for the puppy

Chocolate chips ($6.29 for 72 oz) Holiday baking here I comeGift with a bow

Craisins $3.99 for a huge bag (these are for cookies too!)

Frozen chicken breasts (I love the Costco ones because each breast is wrapped by itself)

Raspberries can’t beat 12 oz for $3.99 in November

Ham steaks


It was a lot but like I said this stuff will last us awhile, so that makes me ok with spending the money and some of the food is for dinner with the in-laws who arrive for a longer stay tonight!

Are you a Costco/Sam’s Club/BJ’s shopper? What do you love there?


  1. i love costco too. this past weekend we were killing time in there while our truck was being serviced and i couldnt help but partake in all the samples they were giving out. seriously, could you have said no to red velvet cake? dont think so. Ian said I pretty much made a meal out of my samples. sometimes he doesnt like to take me out in public. lol.

  2. Hubby and I do the same thing all the time!

  3. I love that they now sell Fage! My favorite things are their Fruit & Nut Medley dried fruit (because it has dried kiwi and strawberries!) and the frozen yogurt from the "restaurant". :)

  4. I love the restaurant too! Hubby always gets the hot dog deal.