Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Seasonal Flavors

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You should know by now that I am a huge fan of seasonal flavors, (the pumpkin obsessions? yogurts?), so when I heard about new Dunkin Donuts gingerbread items I had to give them a try! Lucky for me, Mom had the same thought. When I was spending some time with my mom and my aunt last weekend, Mom had stopped to pick up some seasonal muffins which went perfect with my gingerbread coffee.

I really enjoy the DD seasonal coffees. The seasonal lattes they have are ridiculous on the calorie count, and the coffee are much lower and still give me the fun seasonal flavors. This gingerbread had a great blend of spice and vanilla. Really made me feel like I was have a cookie! As for the muffins, I only had 1/4 of the pumpkin and the gingerbread and can say I had a hard time not going back for more!

While at the lovely DD getting my coffee, I grabbed a gingerbread donut with a coupon I had. I saved this little guy for a different morning but he did not disappoint either. Again the vanilla and ginger spice taste was spot on.

Good job Dunkin Donuts on your seasonal items. What “new seasonals” have you tried lately?

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