Friday, November 26, 2010

Pre-Black Friday Shopping

Good luck to all your Black Friday Shoppers out there today. I am not a Black Friday shopper and will be spending the day decorating the house for the holidays (have to love the fake treeThumbs-up). Anyways I did do some Pre-Black Friday shopping this past weekend, well really it was by accident. I was by the mall with a coupon to Macy’s from my Mom and a gift card still in my wallet, so I ran in for a second (yes that is what I told Hubby). Well I did not spend long in the store at all and still have money on my gift card and got all this:

I was so excited. I love these little sweater dresses and they had a sale price of $19.99! And the tank tops were on sale for $5 could not beat it!

So those are my “Black Friday” buys… What did you get on Black Friday or if you did not shop what did you do today?

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  1. I actually worked today but was happy to stay far from any stores! :)