Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back Again

Do you remember not to long ago I blogged about this amazing new Chinese restaurant? Well Mom and Dad took Hubby and I back to thank us for a little project we worked on for them and it was just as good the 2nd and 3rd time! Yes I said third because we had so much left over that hubby and I took a bunch home for another dinner (Mom and Dad would not actually eat the leftovers, but we would!). Here is our leftover plate:

On the plate is rack of lamb and grilled veggies, scallops in black pepper sauce, vegetable fried rice, and Grandfather Chicken.  

We love Elena Wu!


  1. Ooh.. that restaurant isn't too far from here. I might have to venture out there.. looks good!

  2. It is amazing, I would say try it when you can!