Friday, December 24, 2010

Chelsea Market

Hubby and I have had a list of local places we wanted to visit together since we moved back to the area, and have slowly been crossing places off the deleting them from the Blackberry list. The last place on that list was Chelsea Market. It is important to note that Hubby and I have always loved the Food Network, so Chelsea Market was a natural place for us. On a recent trip to New York City we decide it was time to take the subway down to Chelsea and see the Market

Check out the super fun map at the door.

Since it was lunchtime we started with food. First stop was Hale and Hearty for some soup. Hubby had a sweet corn chowder (A creamy flavorful chowder loaded with fresh corn right off the cob and freshly diced potatoes)  and I had a special for the day fish chowder. Both had the most amazing taste and neither seemed as heavy as a chowder normally does. Because we could not pick one place we got some bread for me and a grilled cheese for Hubby from Amy's Bread. The bread was amazing, and we even got to see them making it in the store!

After lunch we walked all around the market. We stopped by The Filling Station to try some oils, vinegars, and salts.

Espresso Salt please!

They had a cocoa vinegar that Hubby pointed out would be great on strawberries. Then it was over to Manhattan Fruit Exchange. Check out this awesome selection:

We had to be tourist and get a picture (thanks to the in-laws who meet up with us for lunch for taking it!)

Then our final stop, Eleni’s Bakery, where I got a cupcake to goBirthday Cake I got a Chocolate Ganache topped chocolate cupcake with buttercream filling.

The top of this cupcake was AMAZING everything I had hoped for. The bottom was a little dry, but I really only ever want the top so I was quiet happy.

*Side note how cute is the little cupcake contained that held my cupcake in place through the subway, 2 train rides, and in the car home!

Have you been to Chelsea Market? What was your favorite place? Hands down it was Hale and Hearty for us, the soup was out of this world good! Hope to go back to one sometime soon!

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