Friday, January 28, 2011

Breakfast sandwiches

I have been really into breakfast sandwiches lately. I am not sure why, but I am thinking it is because we have bagels in the freezer, and there is nothing better then a bagel sandwich in the morning!

Here is my healthy try at a breakfast sandwich. I use half a parm bagel from Costco, then top it with a scrambled egg, some broccoli rabe, and grated parm. I only use half a bagel because I find the whole one to be too much. This breakfast is great and filling without making me feel stuffed.

The morning I made this I also had a side of Coconut Water, because I had a late breakfast and wanted a little something first thing. I had been keeping this Coconut Water in the fridge for awhile and had just not worked up the courage to try it, but finally just grabbed it on my way out the door for church. I was quite impressed, it was nice and light, the perfect little something to keep me until I could make my breakfast. It was mango flavored so I might have to try the regular kind, but I think this might show up on the shopping list soon.

Have you tried Coconut water? What do you think/what flavors do you like?

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  1. i love coconut water. when i was back home we would pluck it off the coconut trees and devour them like crazy. had i known coconut water would be the shit nowadays i would have stayed home and bought acres and acres of land and grew coconuts on them :)