Monday, January 31, 2011

Leftovers can be great

We had friends visiting over the weekend, so we knew we had to visit our favorite place. Iron Hill has quickly become the place Hubby and I like to take everyone that comes to visit. The food is AMAZING and I actually like the beers they have (yes the Winter Warmer with the sugar rim is gone, but I will be back when it comes back next year.) They also have these awesome sweet potato fries that are hand cut and so great, I try to get them with every meal. When we went over the weekend I knew I wanted some fires and needed some veggies (the rest of the day was lacking them) so I ordered the Mediterranean Wrap with a side of sweets! The wrap has hummus, cucumber, red pepper, tomato, arugula, and feta in a spinach wrap. It was as good as I remembered it, but much bigger (or I just ate too many fires first) so I took the rest home and it made the best lunch!

What is your favorite leftovers to have for a meal the next day?

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