Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sales and new flavors

I always check the circulars that come to our house on Thursday to see what food stables are on sale (I LOVE a good sale). I always check out the Shop Rite circular because they have great sales on diary products from time to time. Lucky me they had a Chobani 10 for $10 sale recently!

I was also really excited to see so new flavors I have not tried. I got 5 Honey (the Mum-in-law is visiting and those are her favorite), Vanilla, Black Cherry (new to me), Raspberry, Mango (new to me), and a favorite Pineapple. I normally buy the 12 pack from Costco so I love the chance to sample the other flavors. I also grabbed some other sale items Dark Chocolate Raisinets and Animal Crackers. (We got this sweet dip at Christmas that is perfect for animal crackers. I will share it soon.)


What is your favorite item to find on sale?

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