Friday, February 4, 2011

Store Closing

It is always sad to see a store closing, but that does mean some great buys! I was sad when Mom told me that the Acme by us would be closing. I know I will miss the $1 deals, but I can always go to a different Acme
So hubby and I hit up the store one last time before they closed. We did pretty good with some pantry staples for $30 (plus some Wegmans buys for another $8)
We got pretzels, 5 Knorr Sides Plus, Red Beans and Rice, 4 Hamburger Helper meals, rolls, Zone Perfect Cookie Bars, bread, Leeky Cheese Dip, Pizzas for One, Yakisoba Noodles, some veggies, and some soup.
This helped finish up our meals for the week and stock up the panty.
What are you stock up items for the pantry?

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