Saturday, March 26, 2011

4th Street Cookies

After my healthy choice, it was time to hit up some bakeries at the Reading Terminal Market! First on the list was the Famous 4th Street Cookies. I passed them each day when I walked into the market, but just did not feel the need to stop UNTIL the day I saw my favorite cookie, The Black and White! I am not sure why I love these cookies so much, I think it is because they are covered in frosting and really I just have an unnatural love of frosting. When I saw my beloved cookies I got right in line to get one. The cool thing about Famous 4th Street Cookies is they sell all the cookies by weight so if you get a smaller cookie it cost less.

My black and white was all I hoper it would be, soft cookie, nice thick frosting, I was in love while eating it. Check them out and you can even buy online.

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