Monday, April 18, 2011

PopCorners Review

Hubby and I love trying new and healthier chip varieties. So as he was driving around the city one day Hubby saw a truck for PopCorners and told me to check it out. A quick email later and this showed up at our house!

We received a small and large bag of all 5 flavors they offer.

I think the Sea Salt are my favorites. They have the right amount of salt and just a nice crunch to them. I could eat the whole bag in 1 sitting no problem!

The Kettle is also good and taste just like kettle corn with that great mix of sweet and salty. If you like kettle corn you will love these chips.

The Butter tastes like movie theater popcorn, nice and rich in butter flavor, with out all the greasy fingers!.

White Cheddar to me tasted like the Smartfood popcorn, (you know that stuff I am talking about). It had that nice bite of cheddar in the chip, this would be my second favorite.

I tried the Cheesy Jalapeno, but this is a flavor I will be letting Hubby eat. They had a nice jalapeno flavor to them, they just had way to much kick for me to get a whole bag of them (little bags even) like I did with the others. However, if you are a jalapeno fan like hubby you will love them.

Overall I give PopCorners a great review, the flavors are just want they claim to be, the chips are nice and crunchy, they leave no greasy reside on my hands, and are all natural. I just wish they sold them in more locations…..


  1. thanks for the review...never heard of the product before.

  2. Make sure you check the exp. date. They have delivered pallets of 20 oz. bags to some Costcos that were months past the exp. date. What kind of business are they running.

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    1. There's not one good thing I can say about the product or the company