Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Big Baby Item Purchases

Since I have been asked by some people I thought I would share some of the larger items that Hubby and I have registered  Baby Girl for and why we love these products. I want to share with you the playyard we just got for Baby Girl.

First, I think I have to tell you that since we keep the news of Baby Girl from EVERYONE until we got to 12 weeks, Hubby and I had to do something to get ourselves from going crazy with excitement. So we started researching all the baby gear we could. We knew we wanted a playyard to have at home as well as use for travel, since we have 2 trips planned right after Baby Girl arrives. All the website and books we looked at seemed to say that the Chicco Lullaby LX playyard was the best out there. Everything we read said nothing but good things, and since we had already decided on the Chicco Cortina Key Fit 30 Travel System in Adventure Green, we thought might as well go with the matching playyard (and most of our house is greens and tans so the colors worked for us too).

We placed this item on our registry that we finished a few weeks ago. My amazing sister-in-law knew she wanted to buy the playyard for us, so went and got it right away. After purchasing it, she mentioned to Hubby that it is kinda heavy and something we might want to check out and see if we want to keep. After checking it out we saw that it did way over 30lbs! I got a little nervous and my sister-in-law said she would give it to us early so we could check it out and decide if we still wanted it. (Major thanks to her for letting us check it out early when we have the time). So this weekend the playyard arrived with my sister-in-law for a visit (more on the fun reason she came later!)

After her visit, Hubby and I decided we would check out this playyard in case it did need to go back (Embarrassed). Well let me tell you this item will NOT be going back! We are in love with it already.

Here is the Chicco site picture:


Besides the color one of the things I loved about this playyard was that the mattress comes out and becomes a playmat! As you can see it has the playmat top on it with the animals hanging down. One of the things Hubby and I liked when we put this together over the weekend was that the animals can go into the rails at different heights as baby girl grows. This is good for her development and movement.

Now we move on to Hubby’s favorite part of this playyard, the remote control.

We knew the playyard came with a remote and a vibration function, however, I think we missed that it also played music and had a nightlight. Another great features, and our favorite, is the “Loud Noise” feature (that is what we are calling it). If you set the little vibration thing to this one setting it will turn on the music and viration for 6 minutes when there is a loud noise detected or if baby starts to cry. With the 2 trips we will be taking with Baby Girl within weeks of her arrival this is a feature that Hubby and I both love. We think it will come in handy during those hotel stays!

I want to talk about the one issue that had me worried, the weight of this playyard. So here is the deal, with the changing table attachment on it, yes this thing is a little on the heavy side.

However, hubby and I really did not like the way the playyard looked with this hanging over the side, and it was a bit of a pain to attach so we decide that although we will keep this part we will not take it with us when we travel. That being said the playyard then becomes much lighter and when packed up I can easily pull it along on its wheels.


Hubby and I are very happy with our playyard and its many features and can’t wait for Baby Girl to try it out! Huge thanks to the sister-in-law for getting this for us and letting us try it out!

***I was in no way asked or compensated to say any of this. I promise these are all my own opinions and I just thought this was a great product and wanted to share. However, if Chicco wants Baby Girl to try anything else I am not against the idea Wink

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