Monday, April 11, 2011

Salsa Night

The other night I noticed a salsa container in the fridge that I knew was not going to last much longer. Since I hate to waste things I got my thinking cap on and decided we would have salsa chicken. This was so easy (and would have been quick if my oven actually worked the whole time – little problem but Hubby was able to fix it in 2 minutes! LOVE HIM).

I took 2 chicken beasts and put them in aluminum foil. I placed half a jar of salsa over the top and into the oven then went for about 20-25 minutes (I am guess that is how long it should have taken).

On the side was a baked potato also done in the oven (they are so much better that way) topped with some of the salsa and cheese, as well as corn.

How do you like to use up extra things in the fridge?

1 comment:

  1. oh man my fridge requires the use of a hazmat suit to clean. im afraid to see the expiration dates on some of the stuff. Its packed to the brim yet i cant find the time to throw them out.