Monday, May 9, 2011

Egg-cellent Dinners

Hubby and I have been trying to have one egg based dinner a week lately. It helps us cut down on meat based dinners and also allows our grocery bill to be kept a little lower. We love making a frittata as our egg dinner because the options are almost endless. Here is the one we made recently:

For this the first thing we did was brown off some potato slices (I used 1 small potato). Then into the pan went mushrooms, leeks, green pepper, and peas with a little cumin. After the veggies got soft we added 6 eggs whisked with a little milk. We cooked that until it began to set then put the potatoes and some shredded cheese on top and under the broiler it went until brown.

This is just an easy and tasty dinner especially for the summer months. What does in your frittata?

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