Friday, May 6, 2011

Kitchen Organization #2

You saw my pot and pan drawer earlier in the week, so when I was at the Container Store getting my racks, I decided to look around (ok I had more money to spend and love that store). Well enter the Double Turntable. Hubby and I have had a love/hate relationship with our spice cabinet since we moved in. We love spices and cooking with all types and keep tons on hand at all times, but that does make them hard to find in our cabinet at times. (Enter the other night when I was looking for a good 5 minutes for a spice that was right in the front in a HUGE container.) So when I saw this Double Turntable I thought I would grab it.

Surprisingly it fit perfectly and has made it a lot easier to find our spices. Although not the perfect solution (we had too many spices to fit them all, it has helped the problem.)

How do you store your spices? I feel like this has to be a problem for me then just me!

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