Wednesday, June 15, 2011

30 is not so bad!

I don’t like to make a big deal about things related to myself, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!


We are going out to dinner this weekend for my birthday with the parents, but I wanted to share my birthday gifts from Hubby because he did an AWESOME job this year!

First off he gave me  flips flops and a purse (2 of my favorite things!)

Love the colors of these two. Inside the bag was an envelope with pictures of my other presents.

Waffle plates for my Cusinart Griddler!

I think I have wanted a waffle maker since we got married and when I saw these plates for the Cusinart Griddler I was in love. Can’t wait for them to arrive! Also in the purse was a gift card for 2 cake decorating classes!

I thought each class Hubby got was just 1 session, but each class is 4 -  2 hour sessions! How amazing is that! I can’t wait to take them and make a cakes for Baby Girl! Great job Hubby you have made me one happy Birthday girl who did not want this day to come!

Do you love or hate your birthday?


  1. Happy Birthday! I just turned 30 this year too and it's not so bad :) and those are some nice gifts from the Mr!

  2. Wow, he hooked you up! I love the flip flops....and the griddler....and the bag so basically everything.

    I love my birthday, I like to declare it my birthday month instead of just a day since I share the month with the Big Guy (Jesus)