Thursday, June 16, 2011

Childbirth Class

Sometimes I think it is funny how the mind works. This past weekend Hubby and I had childbirth class at the hospital. We did the 1 day class for a few reason, first Hubby works about 90 mins from the hospital we are going to deliver at and a 6 PM class would not work during the week. Also as an EMT Hubby did not want to sit through all the medical stuff he already knows. I was fine with the 1 day class because the way our summer is going that is about all the free time we had! I went into the class thinking we knew all our plans for the birth and what we wanted to do. I left with 2 thoughts:

1) This seems like something I can handle (thank you yoga!)

2) I am not going to enter labor wanting the epidural.

Now this is not me judging anyone or saying that an epidural is bad, in fact 2 months ago when I thought I might not be able to have an epidural because of back surgery when I was 20, I had a panic attack. Natural Childbirth, I wanted to cry. However, after learning about all my options for drugs besides an epidural and what they all do, I am not 100% I will be going in that direction. That being said I am sure meds of some type will be part of our birth plan, I am going to go in and see how I do. After hearing that an epidural can prolong labor I am not 100% sold on it (also it may or may not work for me because of scar tissue in my lower back). Prenatal yoga (and the pregnancy in general) has given me more confidence in what I can handle so I am going in with a more open mind. Hubby thinks I am funny but is there to support me 100%, so I could not be happier about this decision.

Any other mom’s have birth advice? I would love to hear any and all opinions!

Here is the book we got at class (I have read it cover to cover already!)

In the next week or so Hubby and I will be starting the exercises they taught us to move the day into place for birth, 10 weeks to go!

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