Friday, June 17, 2011

McDonalds does Smoothies

I know this is not news, but I have not tried one of the McDonald’s Smoothies until recently. I have seen them and thought about it several times but always changed my mind for one reason or another. Well the other day I had a coupon so I went and picked up a Wildberry Smoothie.

Picture from the site:

I will say I was quite impressed by the look of my smoothie, it did actually look like this, and the taste was not bad. I got the small which comes in at about 210 calories. It was not bad but a little on the sweet side and did not pack much staying power. For the price I think next time I want a smoothie I will go with the Starbucks protein packed ones…

Have you tried the McDonald’s Smoothies? Thoughts?

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  1. I havent tried their smoothies but I tried their strawberry lemonade, which I loved. But then I read it has an insane amount of calories-around 270 I think for a medium and that turned me off quickly.