Friday, August 19, 2011

Quick and Easy Dinner

Hubby has started coaching football again for the fall, which means we are eating dinner a little later at night. (Which I am actually quite ok with. It means I can get a lot done while I wait for him to get home and not rush to make dinner.) However, I still do like to have quick meals, so last night we had a quick Veggie Alfredo (sorry the picture is dark it was late).

This was so easy and super filling. First, make the pasta per the package directions (I used Whole Foods thin spaghetti). While the pasta cooked I sautéed some squash and put it aside. Next I diced half an onion and sautéed that in the same pan. I added about a teaspoon of flour to the onion to make a roux and then added milk and cream cheese to make my alfredo. (Use as much as you need to make the amount of sauce you want, I keep ours light so I don’t use too much). Then I added frozen peas to the alfredo and let them cook. Once they cook add the pasta to the sauce, stir, and place in your bowl. Since we had fresh tomatoes, Hubby chopped some of those up and we placed them on top with some parm and enjoyed!

Simple, filling, and high in veggies, it was a great dinner.

What is your favorite quick and easy meal?

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