Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last Baby Project

Hubby has been hard at work making things for Baby Girl the last few months. He has made shelves, time out stools, a nightstand, a mini hope chest, painted her room, etc….. But I have to say the project he just finished might be one of my favorites. My mom had the highchair that my grandparents had bought for me before I was born in her house when she moved 2 years ago. It was still in good condition but need to be refinished after being used for me and most of my cousins. I loved the look of the highchair and the fact that it came from my grandparents, who are both no longer with us. I knew it would be a b**ch of a project, but Hubby always comes though for me! He hated this project as the sanding took a while, but the end result is fabulous and I am so happy that we have this piece in our kitchen.

The new strap is going to go on once Baby Girl is ready for it so we can size it just right. I just have to say I have the best Hubby and could not ask for a better partner. He has been the best to do whatever I wanted these last few months. Love you Hubby!

Do you have things from your childhood that you want your kids to have?

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  1. that highchair looks just like the one my sister and i used when we were little! i would love to use it for my kids someday...

    cute blog! i found you via healthy living blogs and i'm your newest follower : )