Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Starbucks Lunches

I have had this little routine of stopping at Starbucks after my doctor’s appts with Baby Girl before work. It is my little treat for getting up early and going to the doctor’s office. Well this morning I say the bistro boxes I have been hearing about in emails lately and when I saw they cost less then I thought I grab one. (Also helped that hubby had just given me a gift card for the Bucks over the the weekend!) I decided to try the Chicken Lettuce Wraps because it had some veggies, protein, and peanut sauce ( I have been all about peanuts, peanut butter, etc all pregnancy long). The box comes with all the things you need to make the little lettuce wraps, plus some dark chocolate as a treat (this is right up my ally!)

This was a very tasty lunch. A little messy and I would not recommend it for an “on-the-go” meal, but the flavor was great. I did add a peach I brought from home to the meal to make it a little more filling but other that that it was great. It might be a little expensive ($6.95) but from a health stand point it was a great lunch.


Have you tried a bistro box? What did you think?

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