Thursday, August 11, 2011

What have we been up to?

I feel like we have been doing so much the last few weeks getting everything ready for Baby Girl. We are only about 2 weeks away so it is getting close

Here are a few highlights of what we have been doing, installing the car seat:

Ready with a toy to keep her entertained. Decorating her room was next on the list. My cousin helped me make this to hang her hair bows and things on. I love it and the fabric will match the quilt that was started at the baby shower.

And having one last “date night” (ok so it was brunch, but still) at our favorite place, The British Chip Shop. I got chocolate stuffed french toast! I am 9 months pregnant so I stay that is a good breakfast! I did not get a picture of the french toast, but how cute was the tea pot, my “spot of tea” came in

It is hard to see but on the right is the little cow that had the milk! It was so cute. It was good to have time to spend with the hubby before the craziness starts any day now! Hubby and I are planning one last getaway weekend before she gets here, no place far just to the inlaws, any advice on ways to help us kill the time waiting for little one to arrive??

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