Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yoga for the Body and Mind

I will be the first person to say, that although I heard about all the great things about yoga, I was never really a believer. I mean could this practice really help me improve my fitness and my mind? I was not sure I could buy into the whole concept. But when I saw that Exercise TV had whole yoga section a few years ago, I would pull up a video occasionally when I did not feel like really getting sweaty. Over time I realized that my muscles felt stronger and yoga really helped with the back pain I sometimes get.

About a year ago I was at a work conference and they offered a yoga class on the beach. I figured I was going to work out some way each day so why not head down and give it a try. It was my first class with a teacher, and I was hooked after that! Although I was not good at Savasana, I found that with a teacher I was able to try and not think about other things, just on my body and being in that place at that time.

A few weeks later my mom got me a card for a local yoga studio so I could start taking classes. The Studio for Yoga has been great for me. This past fall was very emotional for me for several reasons, but I found that by going to yoga and really focusing on my body and relaxing my mind I was able to get though the tougher times and concentrate on myself once a week (something I am not normally good at).

After finding out in December that I was expecting our first baby, I was even more excited to see that the Studio for Yoga was now offering a prenatal class! Talk about perfect timing. I swear this class has helped me have such a great pregnancy, not only has the class helped me prepare my body, but also my mind. I have LOVED every class and the time it forces me to focus on myself and the baby and forget everything else that is going on around me. For me the best part of yoga has been the time to stop and slow down. I am so glad that I have found yoga and will continue my practice for years to come I am sure.

Have you tried yoga? What is your favorite type/what do you like best about the practice?

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