Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Exciting News

Not really breaking news as this post is being written in December and will not be posted until March, but I had to write it now while things are still fresh for me. The breaking news is that Hubby and I are officially announcing that we are pregnant! For anyone that has been reading the blog that past year, you have seen that this has not been the easiest of processes for Hubby and I me. I will admit that being said it was not anywhere near as tough as I would have thought, once I was able to relax and let things take their own course everything worked out.

I wanted to let everyone know what worked for Hubby and I on this journey. I have been taking Prenatal vitamins for awhile now and think that is something that will benefit everyone. Also I started taking B6 back in November because I heard that was also helpful with conception, as well as a cup of green tea a day before ovulation. I am not sure if any of this really worked or not, but I know it did not hurt that is for sure.

The two main things that I know did help us out where BBT charting and ovulation tests. I had been charting for most of 2010 with the help of Fertility Friend. This site is great for showing you the pattern of your temps and the best part was I could access it on my Blackberry and chart no matter where I was. With the advice of a great friend I had decided to try a pack of ovulation tests back in October. Since I have very long cycles I thought this would help us determine when the best time to conceive would be. Well it looks like it all helped us get to the place we are now. Hubby and I could not be happier and are just so excited to share this amazing journey over the next few months.

Thanks for all the support with this process, you have all been such a great support to me.

Here is what I gave hubby to share the great news!

Here is our little family ready for a new edition!


  1. aww this is awesome! Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you. I wish you nothing but a happy & healthy pregnancy. Keep up updated!!

  2. im so happy for you guys! congrats!