Monday, February 13, 2012

Produce on my doorstep

I wrote a post a while back about Danny and Door to Door Organics, but I had to do it again after my Groupon Box arrived. My box arrived the Monday before the Super Bowl and was busting at the seams with all this:


4 pears

4 apples

4 tangelos

1.5 lbs of bananas

3 roma tomatoes

1 lb carrots

3 avocados

1 head red leaf lettuce

1 bunch of spinach

1 bunch of cilantro

1/2 lb golden beets and 1.5 lbs red beets (this was supposed to be onions but we had just bought some and thought we would change it to golden beets) Since they did not have enough golden beets they sent us both golden and red!

Hubby and I could not be more happy with our box, and there will be more post coming with the guacamole and salsa that was made from this box of goodies!

Have you tried any of these produce deliveries? What did you think?

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