Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Combined Lasagna

For as long as I can remember Hubby and I have talked about doing a lasagna which was a combo of his mum’s with a white sauce and my mom’s with ricotta and red sauce. Finally we did it! Here it is:


While it turned out good, I think we would do more white sauce next time for a creamier end result.

First we made a Bolognese sauce with onions, beef, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Simple and very easy.

Next was a white sauce with sharp white cheddar cheese.

Then we got a jar of sauce (because for $0.99 I could not make it cheaper myself) and some ricotta.

So first we put down a row of no boil noodles in the pan. Then we added some Bolognese and white sauce. That was covered with more noodles, and the next layer was ricotta and sauce. We repeated the layers until we filled the pan up! Then we put parmesan and white cheddar cheese on the top and baked it for an hour.

This had great flavor and stayed together so nice for the picture, but we both wanted it to be creamier! More cheese sauce next time.

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  1. Um...yum! And you can't go wrong with more cheese...ever! Did you know you don't really have to use no boil noodles? I've used just regular...and didn't boil and it's turned out great!