Friday, March 16, 2012

Frugal Fridays

So I am not much of a bandwagon jumper, (I just joined Pinterest, but have nothing on my boards!) But since I like to save money I thought I would start sharing some of my savings on a Frugal Friday post!

I have this great little shopping center by work that has tons of fun stores. Suburban Square had all the stores that I needed to make some returns and use some coupons, so last week I decided to pop over while the kiddies where on break. Here is my haul!


(sorry about the sun glare it was a nice day!)

My first stop was in Vicky’s because I had a coupon for free hiphuggers. I do not think I have actually bought underware in a really long time. They always send coupons and that is how I get most of mine!  While I was in the store the girl told me I could get the pink tote bag for free if I got perfume. It was a cute bag and with the deal I thought I deserved it! (Working mommies need to treat ourselves now and then and I do need more perfume). I treated myself to a new scent, Very Sexy Touch. The sales girl was so helpful and even let me come back 10 minutes later when I found a coupon to save $10 and use it! Love amazing customer service, they have always been a favorite store of mine.

Next was into the Bucks, because they had sent me a free oatmeal coupon. I love when they give you all the toppings too. I also grabbed a caramel macchiato to have with the oatmeal the next morning. When you have tons of money on your Starbucks gold card you count the drink as free as wellSmile

Then was on to Janie and Jack to return an outfit that will not fit little miss. This was actually the main reason for the trip. I returned the outfit and since I had a coupon as well, I got a hair bow to match a dress she already has from them for some weddings this summer. Then I got 3 packs of socks because they are super cute and she goes through socks all the time.

Finally, I hit up Corner Bakery for a free lunch combo. I got the Uptown Turkey Sandwich and a salad. It was entered as a fun salad, but then I was told because of the sandwich I picked I could only get the Caesar Salad. Although I was confused by this since he rang it up fine, I said ok and took my salad and sandwich. The lunch was still good (and free) but I did wonder why I could not have my fun salad. Oh well something about beggars and choosers I guess…

What fun finds have you come along this week?

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