Friday, April 20, 2012

Act of Kindness

Acts of Kindness. What is the kindest act you have witnessed in recent memory ;Was it a random act of kindness or a moment between loved ones? How did it affect you?

I am writing about something that deeply effected me that was a total act of kindness last month. When our puppy was attacked last month one of the neighbor’s was walking by and started yelling at the other dog, which I swear is the only reason it let go of my little puppy. At the time I did not even know who this neighbor was and I rushed to the hospital so I did not have the chance to even ask her name.

Enter the magic of the internet. While at the animal hospital I got a message from my next door neighbor to ask if I was ok. Rande had told her what happened. I was so happy to know who the mystery neighbor was! I found my neighbor and was able to thank her. Her random act of kindness saved my little fur-baby! So thankful for her.

Thanks Rande!

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