Thursday, April 5, 2012

Best Hospital Stay

Best Doctor’s Visit or Hospital Stay. What made it the best? The news you got? The nurse/doctor/surgeon you saw? The results?
I wanted to post about this one because I HATE hospitals. I have always had this problem when going into a hospital, even to visit people, I would get sick. I have no idea what it was, maybe the smell, but I could not be in a hospital and not feel horrible. I even got sick the night I went to see my sister-in-law and niece in the hospital when she was born!
That being said the part that scared me most about being pregnant, I would be going to a hospital! Not the delivery or the drugs or any of that, but they would want me to come into the building!!! I  knew I had to get over this and we actually picked a Birthing Center so it was a little more low key, but the good news I survived! Although it took 31 hours, my beautiful baby girl was born without any problems just a lot of waiting!

Love my peanut!


  1. I LOVE Virtua in Voorhees, NJ. LOVE. I almost want to be pregnant again just to be able to stay there. The nurses, the doctors, everyone is so fantastic. It's seriously like staying in a resort there. My favorite part was when they would call me in my room to see what I wanted them to bring me to eat. I know most people hate hosptials...but I loved that one!

    1. Thanks I was wondering about them. We are thinking about looking at different hospitals if we have another one since we went to Philly, last time.