Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Honest Diapers and Products

To continue with my natural product kick, I found the Honest Company online. This is a company that provides diapers, wipes, cleaning, and baby products that are all natural and fun! I love that the diapers are cute and not just plain white/off white. The best part, they will send you a sample pack for just the cost of shipping!

So here is our sample pack with 7 diapers, 10 wipes, hand soap, laundry detergent, healing balm, lotion, and shampoo/body wash.

I will let you know what we think of the products as we try them, but for now they are a great size for travel/the diaper bag.

Has anyone signed up for the monthly delivers from  Honest Company? I would love to know what you think....

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