Friday, August 3, 2012

Nuby Sippy and Straw Cups

So I feel I had to post this after receiving some AMAZING customer service from Nuby. When Little Miss first started to understand the sippy cup we used the Super Sprout Easy Gripper cups that some one got for us.
After a new weeks we decided that we wanted to have her start using a straw cup to make it easier when we are out and about. We went to the store about found these:
I loved the shape and that they had a soft straw so Little Miss would not poke herself with it. I was so excited for these cups, then once I gave them to Little Miss I noticed she had water all down the front of her. I tried to check the lid and nothing seemed wrong. I took them apart, put them back together, and still the leak from the side. I could not figure it out.

As anyone would do I hit up Google to find an answer. Everywhere I looked people said they leak all over the place. Really? There is no way then can sell these if they leak all over the place. So to the Nuby site I went. I called them and talked to a wonderful Southern Lady who was sending me 4 new cups and an envelope to send back my cups.

Well the cups came earlier this week and I did something very weird, I actually read the instructions that came with the cups when I opened the first one. Would you believe that I found the reason my cups had been leaking! The cups have a 3 part straw system, you can kind of see it in this picture:
The funny shaped white piece in the front is the key. It has to go into an exact place on the plastic straw top. It has a place where the wide bit links into it that causes it to stop leaking. If you push it in to far, liquid comes out the side! Problem solved. Amazing what putting it together correctly can do :)

So after I realized that the cups we had are fine, I call Nuby to tell them and see if I should just return the new cups they sent me. Luckily I got the same lovely women on the phone and she told me I could keep my 4 news cups!!! I was so excited I could not thank her enough. As we are about to start going onto whole milk and off the bottle these extra cups are so nice to have.

Thank you again to Nuby for being a great company to work with.

*Opinions are all my own, replacement (now additional cups) where sent for free, but originals where purchased by me.


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