Friday, November 30, 2012

Small Business Saturday

I am a huge fan of my American Express card, because we get great deals and some amazing cash back. I know that some places do not accept AmEx and that apparently they charge a huge fee to small businesses, but they are one of the sponsors of Small Business Saturday each year. Small Business Saturday is a favorite event in our house. I first learned about it 3 years ago when a small business near us ran a special if you used your AmEx that day. Also if you register your AmEx at the Small Business Saturday webpage you get a $25 credit if you spend $25 at one location!

Of course you know that I would be all over that! Since Hubby and I each have an AmEx we where able to sign up for 2 of the $25 credits. After much debate (and a crazy day on the Saturday after Thanksgiving) we decide to order food from 2 local places for dinner and to have on Sunday to eat (and as it worked out the rest of the week too!) Here is the haul, and with our credits this was all less then $5!

We had a ton of food, not all healthy, but this was about 5 meals for us! And we realized the pizza place near us does a pasta dinner with soup, salad and bread for about $13 (which is more then enough to feed us all - seriously it was over a pound of pasta, yes we did weigh it.)

Thank you Small Business Saturday  can't wait to see you next year!

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