Monday, November 26, 2012

Tiny Prints for my Tiny Miss

Don't you just love when other bloggers do a giveaway? Its even better when you win that giveaway! Back in October my friend Preppy Girl Meets World did a giveaway with Tiny Prints for holiday cards. I love Tiny Prints because they are a division of Shutterfly but have a LOT more kid friendly prints and ideas. I always forget to check Tiny Prints, but I am going to put them on my must check list from now on!

Anyway in typical me fashion I became totally distracted by the site and instead of saving the gift card for our Holiday cards, I got more stationary for Little Miss!I found about 12 that I liked and made Hubby pick one.

Here is the lovely cards that arrived last week

Thank you to both  Tiny Prints and  Preppy Girl Meets World!

Do you buy stationary for your kids? (and send thank you notes for them or let them write there own?)