Monday, January 28, 2013

A built in desk for the weekend

In the recent months (or since Christmas when we became overrun with toys), we decided that the basement office area needed a redo. Here is the original set up

This was changed before Little Miss arrived and we pushed the desk against the one wall to make more floor space for her to play. (Hubby got so excited for the project, I did not get the chance to take a picture before he took the table down!)

We decide that it would make more sense to have a desk with storage and add some storage above as well. This would also allow us to free up some other storage areas in the house as well. Hubby came up with a plan and we decided to go with pre-made cabinets to save the time (with Little Miss we really did not feel like finishes the cabinets ourselves). So off to Lowe's went the Hubby (did you know if you get a Lowe's card you save 5% on EVERYTHING!?!) So with discount in hand, Hubby and my FIL picked up all the supplies and set off to work. They finished most of the job on Saturday and Hubby and I completed the rest Sunday morning after a trip to Jo-Ann's for cork tiles.

Here you have it:

I love my new desk and all the storage it gives me.

Here is the other side (the playroom) that also looks huge now!

What is your newest organizing project?

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