Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Spritzers Review

The wonderful people at Naturally Savvy also sent me a sample of Spritzers Beverages to try.

I am not a huge soda person, but since Little Miss was born I do like to spice up my water drinking with a little something different hear and there! For me a sparkling beverage also always feels like a fun treat. According to the website "R.W. Knudsen Family® Spritzer Sparkling Beverages have no added sugar and no artificial ingredients."  Which makes these a perfect way to get some fruit juice and flavor without drinking a sugar rich soda. 

The flavor of this beverage was nice, light and refreshing. It would be the perfect summer time drink. Also it looks like the Spritzer's page has a lot of fun flavors. I only received the Lemon Lime to sample but would love to try other flavors like the black cherry, red raspberry, or cranberry (yup I am a berry girl!). These are a great addition to my beverage line up and something that will be fun to have on hand in the warmer months. 

*This product was received to sample, all opinions are by own and not other condensation was received.  

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