Monday, January 21, 2013

Teeccino Review

Thanks to the wonderful people at Naturally Savvy, I have been able to try a number of products that I was not aware of before. Most recently I have been sent sample of Teeccino and Teechia. I was not sure what to think of the Teeccino caffeine free coffee but I was willing to give it a try along with the Teechia hot breakfast (always a favorite this time of year!).

First up I tried the Teeccino one afternoon when the last thing I wanted was caffeine in my system. I started with the medium roast Vanilla nut from my sample:

Well I was sold after this, the rich taste of coffee with no caffeine (I took a much needed nap right after the cup) and a great vanilla flavor, plus the easy of a single service bag for this one! It was perfect on a very busy Sunday at our house. The chocolate and hazelnut flavors have been equally as enjoyable and I love the ease of them! The best is that they come in a variety of forms so that I can use them in the single serve at home or work or in my coffee makers (yes that is plural) at home.

I am fully sold on Teeccino and have to keep them in mind if we ever think about having another little one in the future!

The company also sent me their hot breakfast product Teechia to try.

First off this was so easy to make. Add water (hot or cold) let sit for 1 minute then eat. The cranberry flavor had a lot of cinnamon in the first bite but it grew on me quickly. I love that it is so filling and with loads of fiber. The flavor in both are good (I prefer the Blueberry Date). I like adding additional things to these although you really don't need them. They keep me full for quite a while when I tried it without anything.

Another great product to try if you are a oatmeal type breakfast eater like me.

Thanks again to Teeccino  and Naturally Savvy

* The samples were given to me but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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