Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Quilt for Little Miss

When we found out we would be adding to our family, Hubby and I knew our moms' would be having a baby shower for the new grandchild. We also knew they would want to have something that people could make for the baby at the shower. Hubby had the great idea to have people sign squares to make a quilt for Little Miss. I loved the idea, but will say that I was a bit nervous about making the quilt (as you can tell I did not rush the project!), but I am happy to say that it is finally done and was easier then I thought it would be. We started by shopping with the moms' for the fabrics to design the quilt. Everyone signed them at the shower (we sent ones to family and friends that could not make it) and we saved some for her first visitors at home. Then it was time to get quilting.

With the help of my family and friends (and Pinterest) I was able to complete the quilt and wanted to share some of my tips and pictures with everyone.

Here was my first line of squares
Then here are all my squares together

After that I decided to add a border on the edge before adding the backing. Just more cotton fabric as an edge and this Soft and Comfy fabric on the back, with 100% batting in between. I then decided to use a store bought binding and pinned away. 

All the tips I found on quilting are on my Pinterest board and finally here is Little Miss's Quilt!

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