Thursday, April 11, 2013

HAWMC - Favorites

Today's post is going to be a list of my favorite apps for my Droid phone (I have an Ipad and love it, but I feel like there are IPad and IPhone lists everywhere so I wanted to be different.)

Catch Notes is great for organizing notes, list, checklists and you can do it on your computer or device. 

 Card Star store all your store reward cards with a bar code for stores to scan. 

 Dunkin Donuts updates the coupons on the app weekly. 

 Ibotta had all types of coupons on the app to use once you buy the items. (I have already made $6 in about a month!)

 Toddler Lock is my daughter's favorite way to pass time waiting in lines. 

Touch is a great instant messaging app that I use with my husband's family and with the hubby to share messages, pic, and video. It also works with IPhones and Blackberries

What are your favorite apps?

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